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How Does Pediatric Chiropractic Care Help With Children Ear Infections?

Hey there everybody, this is Dr. Andrew Nolt with inspire chiropractic I’m here with my son Nolan. He wanted to help me make this video today and I wanted to take a moment and make a brief video on ear infections, reason being is ear infections is something that we see a lot of in the office especially in children. We’re able to help through chiropractic and do it naturally and it was actually inspired by this story. We have a young boy who recently started here in the office and he was always getting ear infections, always getting sick. They kept coming back on different rounds of antibiotics, just more and more antibiotics. Eventually got surgery for tubes in the ear which is a very invasive surgery that children receive these days and the tubes fell out. Got another round of tubes in the ears and your infections just kept coming back, kept coming back and just about a month ago he went into surgery they got his – he got his tonsils and his adenoids taken out and sure enough a couple weeks later he got sick again and again ear infections.

So in order to understand how chiropractic is able to help with your infections we first have to understand a little bit about the anatomy of the ear and of the upper neck and the relationship between the two. Now in a child especially in an infant, they have something we all have something our middle ear called the Eustachian tube and in a child their Eustachian tube is actually you know very parallel to the floor, very horizontal and as they grow older it becomes more slanted and more vertical so it’s easier to drain. But you can’t rely on just gravity alone to drain, a lot of times what happens is the top one or two bones in the neck shift our proper alignment and it will kink that Eustachian tube not allowing it to drain.

So that becomes an irrigation issue right and if it can’t drain, the fluid builds up and when the fluid builds up it continually and continually becomes infected. So you know a lot of research shows, depending on the research that you look at. Roughly 80 plus percent of ear infections are viral, so what that means is taking a antibiotic for it is never going to fix the cause of the problem and research also shows that you know taking these antibiotics long term over many years, a child is two to four times more likely to develop things like asthma or allergies down the road. Okay so, that first bone in the neck, the Atlas C one has a little muscle that attaches – a little spit-up here, good job buddy you’re doing great!

So it has a little muscle it’s called the pincer-be-like  Lentini TVP and what that does is that acts is the active opener. The active opener for the Eustachian tube, so that bones just slightly shifts, it can’t actively open and can’t properly drain. So through chiropractic we use a very gentle technique especially on infants, especially on kids there is no twist and pop and no cracking and what that does is that starts to realign the top pressure off the brainstem and they Eustachian tube and that’ll allows the tube to drain, right?

So at the end of the day is to is the difference between a temporary relief and more of a true sustained correction okay and what we see today is that something that parents are asking for, they want the natural route, in a lot of cases they want you know true correction. In this boy’s case, the story that I shared with you, he’s been under care a couple weeks now. The pediatrician said that the ears are clear there’s no more fluid and he’s doing a whole lot better and although that’s common for children to have ear infections, it’s definitely not a normal thing to have them.

So chiropractor care can definitely help, my wife and I decided to make this short video clip because doctor means teacher and I believe that when we know something that can help people, it’s our duty to share that. So I encourage you to share this, if you know anybody please share this with them. Comment below if you have any questions and I hope you guys have an awesome day, God bless.

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