Boynton Beach Chiropractor Helps to Relieve Back Pain After Multiple Spinal Surgeries

At INSPIRE Chiropractic nothing there is nothing we love more than helping people. And when we can share the stories of chiropractic care success we have had with other patients or folks looking for an answer to their pain or sickness, we try to.

We want the residents of Boynton Beach to have continued wellness and live happy, fulfilling lives!

Check out this quick video below of a report from a gentleman who has had 6 spinal surgeries AND a hip replacement, saying he is feeling nearly 70% better after about a month and a half of care!

Hey happy wednesday, Dr Andrew here with INSPIRE Chiropractic
I appreciate you guys tuning in.
I just want to take a moment and come at you today.

I was really encouraged by a conversation I had about ten minutes ago with a practice member.

Real quick I want to show you his x rays when he started care.
I will cover up the name here.

But what we are looking at here is some spinal surgery in the past, you got some metal and titanium rods, with some screws.
Now if you actually take a look here at his hip, he got a hip replacement surgery many years back.
That puppy right there, that actually is an embedded TENS units, which he has a button, which every time he has hip pain, he hits the button and that helps with relieving the tight and stressed muscles.
But the reason I share this with you is when I met this gentleman, he was referred in from an office up in New York.
He was really down, obviously he has pain.
He just had a re-exam earlier this week
He asked me this question: “ Hey Doctor, do you ever think, at thirty seven years of age, I will be out of pain?”
And I looked back at his x rays and looked at how he is improving.
He said he is feeling about 70% better about a month and a half into care, which is cool.
Objectively, the tools we use to measure progress, showed about a 30% improvement. 

But I told him, what has been is done, 6 spinal surgeries , a lot of pressure on that spinal cord.
There is a good chance that he will always live with some type of pain.
So he came back later today, and he was like “ hey doctor, I was thinking about our conversation I had earlier this week, and I refuse to buy into the fact that this is the way it is always going to be” is what he told me.
Which I love to hear that, because at some point this guy was heading down the path of more medications, more surgery.
There is a time and a place and I understand, but in the midst of that he was losing a lot of hope and losing his health obviously.
But for him to say that, it shows his mind set has shifted. Because his mind set has shifted, He is now optimistic. He has hope. Which I like to call “hopeium”, which is the ONLY drug we dish out in this office. But it is true hope, because it is driven by results and it is driven by him actually starting to FEEL better. So, I believe with a mind set like that, coupled with doing something proactive for your health, that alone get people well.
So that was on my heart.
Doctor means teacher so that is why I am doing this video.
But I truly believe the teacher learns the most, which is true in the scenario.
Appreciate you guys tuning in next week!